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City Guide 7 Wince Crack [Latest]




1. Physical Conditioning for Runners of All Levels. By Jim A. Murphy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSCS. Illustrated by Sid Nowell, Ph.D. is the first comprehensive volume in the nation that covers all levels of training. As a doctor of physical therapy, Murphy has gained extensive experience treating athletes who have been injured in a variety of sports. The strength and conditioning expert has incorporated his expertise into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow text. He brings together this multidisciplinary training guide to address the principles of strength and conditioning. In the first part, he presents a solid foundation of training that prepares runners to run injury free. He includes topics such as anatomy and biomechanics of running; the development of efficient stride patterns; strength training for runners; and a comprehensive guide to injury prevention. Murphy also addresses how other sports, such as track and field, cross country, soccer, volleyball, and basketball, can be incorporated into a runner's training program. His extensive work on running injury prevention is a welcome addition to the field, as it makes a complex issue more understandable. However, Murphy's perspectives of exercise physiology and sport science can be overwhelming for the beginner. Murphy's text is dense and difficult to follow, and his treatment of nutrition is inconsistent. He often cites conflicting studies, for example, suggesting that the primary health benefit of a protein-rich diet is to aid in recovery and, when used without carbohydrate, can cause kidney damage. The book's overall structure is not ideal for beginning runners. However, with Murphy's guidance and Murphy's experienced text, any runner can easily obtain the information needed to improve performance and avoid injury. (May) 2. Runners World: The Ultimate Training Guide for Distance Runners. By Jen Sinkler, Ph.D. It may be called the Ultimate Training Guide, but it's really just a reference book! With over 800 pages of insights and advice, this mega-reference answers questions about speedwork, long runs, recovery, and nutrition. Practical tips from performance coaches and other top runners guide you through the information provided. For every question, the authors provide a fact-based answer. The book is organized by training topics, with bonus sections on nutrition, transitions from distance to speedwork, advanced training for women, and technology and the new shoe-to-run paradigm. When you need some inspiration, the book offers profiles of runners from a wide variety of sports, including: Robert and Peter Kwiatkowski,




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City Guide 7 Wince Crack [Latest]

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